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Good thoughts for your family, Alina.


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> Greetings From Alina Unto Ansteorra:
> HL Stefan will be out of commission for awhile so if he doesn't answer
> your email or put out any emails, it's because he's in the hospital.
> I don't know if folks know that HL Stefan li Rous of Bryn Gwlad has lost
> the use of his kidney. He now goes three times a week to a center near our
> house to get connected to a machine that does what the kidneys can no
> longer do. Well this past Saturday while he was doing the machine he
> started running a temperature very high and his blood pressure was also
> high. The center called EMS and Stefan was immediately taken to the
> emergency room. They couldn't figure out what wrong with. He was checked
> into a hospital room. The next day Sunday, they told him he has an
> infection in his blood stream and also his body connection for the three
> days a week machine is also infected. Tomorrow (Monday) they are going to
> clean the connection while also trying to clear up the blood stream
> infection. He'll probably be in the hospital all this week and maybe
> longer. He is now at North Austin Medical Hospital in Austin,TX located on
> North MoPac at Duval and Parmer Lane. He is Room#118. His hospit
>  al room phone number is 1-512-901-5118. His mundane name is Mark Harris.
>  If folks could call him on the hospital phone. I think he gets his email
> on his IPhone as I do on my IPhone, so send him a email it would really
> cheer him up.
> It hasn't been a very good three months for the both of us. I myself was
> in a car crash in August and I'm slowly recovering myself.
> Always In Service,
> Alina
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