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Marthe Cole claryce at cox.net
Mon Oct 22 08:00:02 PDT 2012

Question:  We periodically use the header "OT-" to reference something that
is not SCA related.  Would that header be able to be used in this case?  

Or, if the Facebook method is preferred, do you think it would be
permissible to say "message me on Facebook for donation information"?

Just curious,

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I'll jump in here because I know the process of an IRS audit.  **IF** the
IRS decides that we needed to be audited, they would check anywhere they
think they may find information.  However, the email lists would **most
likely** be seen as a communication tool for anyone who is in the group.
Any communication tool would be checked for stuff like fund raising.
However, they will also see that, in the cases other than the fund raising
for the SCA, the people are simply announcing to their friends that there is
a fund raising going on for a certain person.  Most likely they would not
see that as fund raising for the SCA, they would see it as fund raising for
a person in the group being announced on an SCA list so the maximum number
of people could be reached.  

That said, it's probably a better idea to do any fund raising for people,
rather than the SCA, on Facebook, where the groups are not official groups.

Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici
Maria Bulgarelli
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