[Ansteorra] Seawinds Defender this Weekend

Penny medicfem at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 09:21:34 PDT 2012

This entire thread seems to me to be straining over gnats.

Someone, somewhere, finds the use of the list to call for off-topic
financial assistance to be particularly distasteful. I applaud the concern
for the organization's non-profit status and care given against providing
personal financial benefit to individuals. However, in this recent call, no
*SCA monies* will be used to benefit a specific individual. The IRS is not
gonna give a rats-A about it. One could try to make an argument out of SCA
monies going to support the technology that makes the communication, and
thus the request, possible, but please; this is another example of the
mundane world of legal liability, butt-covering maneuvers and ham-stringing
of common sense and courtesy that I personally find much more distasteful
and detrimental to what makes the Society attractive in the first place. A
desire for chivalry and honor so lacking in the modern world. 

If we have evolved to the point that we cannot help our friends or ask for
help, then who wants to be part of that?

My apologies to any who might feel personally attacked by my comments here,
that is certainly not my intent.

My two pence,
Baron Armand Dragonetti

(Reminder: My advice is only worth what you paid for it. :-)

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> From: Bill Tait
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> Now would that now also preclude me for asking for a ride from Houston
> to BAM?
> I would personally benefit from such, and quasi-financially as well
> (save money on a car rental).
> Another question that comes to mind is this email list "registered" as
> an _Official_ form of communication? Meaning, is this the equivalent of
> a Kingdom Newsletter? I can certainly understand not having private
> fundraisers / askings for help advertised in the Kingdom
> Publications...
> William

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