[Ansteorra] Regarding Fund Raising

Jerry at Work jherring68 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 13:11:56 PDT 2012

You are correct an email list such as this one is not an official means of
communication as established by our bylaws and governing documents...but
this list is a monitored electronic property owned and regulated by the
S.C.A. and its official representatives of which the Kingdom Web
Administrator is one. As a property of the S.C.A. this list and its content
could be subject to the same state and federal laws that apply to the
parent organization so if a legal action so wished to push that avenue.
Emails are admitted as evidence all the time into legal hearings. So per
his earlier post it has been asked that if there are any questions
regarding the appropriateness of any email that it be referred to the Web
Administrator, the Kingdom Seneschal, or their Royal Majesties: " If you
have any question or doubt regarding such a request then please forward it
to myself, the Kingdom Seneschal, or Their Royal Majesties and we will
discuss the matter with appropriate counsel and let you know if it can be
posted or not."

It sounds like there is a concern there about legality and if there is a
reasonable doubt that such communications could adversely affect this
society then they should be sent to one of the aforementioned officiating
persons for consideration; which is not an unreasonable request.

Now all that said I do agree that careful wording should be used to allow
such communications to be broadcast on this venue of mass communication for
members of our organization, because that is what this list is for; to
allow the members of our organization to communicate. Also I think that
announcements such as this at events during court are much better place for
such pleas.


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