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Unto Philippe and Suzanne,Proud Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg!! I send you greetings. I wish to thank all who helped make this a wonderful event. I also wish to thank you all for the time in Court for my elevation to the Pelican. Elfsea will always be my home, for I love her, and all her people, but Bjornsgorg is truly full of near and dear friends, and the dream lives well in her lands. Thank you all for stewarding this dream so well.
<holding up my horn to you>
May your lands be fruitful, and your dream be true.

Mistress Ameline DuBois/Almvig Macgyvers-dottir  

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Greetings, Ansteorra!

Many stories will be told of the deeds at Ethandune. The horns blowing, the arrows flying, the glorious arts, the incredible foods.. there are far too many to tell here. If you were able to attend, you should count yourself fortunate, indeed.

For those of you who were unable to join us, we would like to say the following words:

First and foremost, we would like to thank Their Stellar Majesties for making a long journey from Their home in the northern regions of Ansteorra to grace us with Their Presence.

We were also graced by the Presence of His Majesty Roger Stockton, King of the West.

We would also thank our two principals:

His Grace Ulsted the Unsteady, for his heroic deeds in leading the Saxon forces as Alfred of Wessex.

His Grace Hrafn Olafsson, for rousing the Norsemen in their challenges against the Saxon foes as Guthram the Old.

Congratulations to all of our Champions, who were selected from a field of over 50 fierce combatants (Oh, the carnage!):

Ríkarðr Sveinsson (Rikr Foetipper)

Romanius Vesperanius

Kira no Takuan

Kite the Damaged

Miklos Nemeth

Aaron MacGregor

Caladin Ironhearth

Wayland of Durlach

Congratulations also to the winners of the Arts and Sciences competition:

Viking Category: Maggie McPherson

Anglo-Saxon Category: Ebergardis von Zell

Well done, all!

The entire Barony of Bjornsborg worked very diligently for many months to make this dream a reality, but there are a few people who we would like to thank personally.  If we leave out anyone, please be assured that it is in error.

Special thanks to the following people:

His Excellency Master Ivar Runamagi for acting as steward for this event and bringing Ethandune to Ansteorra.

Her Excellency Mistress Seraphina for doing what seems to come so naturally to her and feeding a wonderful feast.

Lord Matyas Zapolyi, for preparing and serving an absolutely incredible Noble's luncheon.

Lord Briathel Holynhedge, who once again created absolutely phenomenal medallions for our champions. If you have a chance, please try to see these incrediable works of art.

Lord Donal Graham, for not only organizing set up AND break down of the site, but running the Thrown Weapons competition. The targets were not only wonderful, but very appropriate for the event, (and a little disturbing). .

Master Cynric of Bedwin, for being the "idea guy", for creating the Danelaw map, the White Horse banner, and many other things that made this event happen.

Lady Celeste Beraud, for her beautifully decorated hall. The shields were fantastic!

Lady Wilhelmina Roth de Cerrada, for creating Alfred and Guthram's banners for the listfield and for the hall.

Lady Elspeth MacAuslane, who coordinated the feast service, ensuring that it went smoothly and everyone was well-fed.

Mistress Oksana Goncharova, who created beautiful ceramic drinkware not only for each of our champions and artisans, but for each of the event's principals, as well.

Lord Sigismund von Helfenstein, for acting as marshal in charge throughout multiple challenging scenarios.

Lady Nicolette , who headed up our gate

Don Pieter Rausch, for running the Arts and Sciences competition

Lady Elisabeth Graham, who coordinated the pumpking carving competition.
(There were some wonderful entries!)

Lady Marianna Garcia, who gathered prizes for our champions.

Lord William "spike" Harper, for not only acting as our Herald for most of the day, but who also created gorgeous cast site tokens. When we ran out of tokens on Friday evening, Lord William went home and stayed up all night creating more for our guests.

Lord Faolan MacCaibre , who coordinated and ran one of the most entertaining and unique archery tournaments we've ever seen. (Note to
archers: Shooting falcons and white bears in Bjornsborg is a bad thing.)

Lady Elisava Iliesca, for keeping us hydrated, fed, and sane

Mistress Saundra of Loch Rayburn, for doing a wonderful job as our herald for evening court.

Lady Maya of Bjornbsborg, for coordinating the waterbearing efforts and making sure that everyone stayed hydrated on an exceptionally warm and humid day.

Mistress Debora of Durham, who hosted the gaming pavilion and entertained our guests.

His Excellency Master Iago, who ran the tavern on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Thank you for not only running this, but for making lots of tasty beverages for our guests!!

To the populace of Bjornsborg, each and every one of you, who donated prizes, helped to set up and clean up site, washed dishes, toted, hauled, sat gate, and did all of the things that made this event happen.. we are so lucky to have the opportunity to represent you as your Baron and Baroness.
You never fail to make us say Vivat Bjornsborg!

Your servants,

Philippe and Suzanne

Proud Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg
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