[Ansteorra] The tradition of the "Second Place Cheesecake"

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 09:07:57 PST 2013

>Can anyone tell me about the origin of the tradition of presenting a
>cheesecake to the person who takes second place in Crown Tournament?
> Curiously,
> Zubeydah

It started way back in 1988. I was on a losing streak of placing 2nd in
Crown for the third
time in a row.  A young squire named Timotheous (Timo) felt that it was
kind of disappointing
that the person who got so close to the big hat never got any
acknowledgement and should
have something to make the loss a little sweeter.  So in Court the night of
Crown tournament
he awarded me a cheese cake with a candle in the shape of a "2".

The next Crown tournament I won and Duke Jean Richard was presented with
the cheesecake.
I tried to make sure there was a cheesecake presented to the second place
finisher either at
Crown or soon after for a few years but the tradition eventually died out,
especially once I'd moved
to Atenveldt.

Side note: I started the tradition in Atenveldt when I lived there as well.

11 time bridesmaid

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