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John Moore iaen-mor at
Thu Nov 2 10:05:56 PST 2000


Below you will find the latest list of Ansteorran Archers who have completed
their RR averages.  All scores submitted as of 2 Nov. 2000 have been

Open Bow:

Eadric Anstapa                         Gatesedge                      33
Fearghus McKenna                  Elfsea                             67
Geoff Cathan                            Stargate                         28
Gilbert Ost Wesley                   Middleford                     62
Iaen Mor                                  Gatesedge                      40
Jacques of Spink
James De Warrenne                                                       49
Moreg Cochrane                     Shadowlamds                 66
Robert of Yorkshire                 Middleford                     83
Rose Cathan                            Stargate                         14
Sebastian Frobishire                 Steppes                         76
Talon of Blackoak                    Middleford                    41
Ulf Gunnarsson
Ulsted the Unsteady                 Loch Sollier                   32
Uther Balckthorne                   Greywood                      27

Period Crossbow:

Talon of Blackoak                   Middleford                     34
William Ironwyrm                    Steppes                          47

Congratulations to all the archers who have competed in Ansteorra's archery
competitions so far this year and to those who have been submitting scores.

                                                        Iaen Mor
                                                        Gates Edge
                                                        Keeper of the Royal

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