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Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Mon Nov 6 11:42:33 PST 2000

Your Excellency,
     Not only did you do well for your first Royal Round but you also managed to, by not scoring a point higher, keep all the Bowmen in the top ten.

Now if we can just squeeze in two more shoots for you We'll have your Archer's Tassel ready.

In Service,
     Wilim Penbras

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>Quoting Pug Bainter <pug at>:
>> The following royal round scores were shot at Bryn 
>Gwlad fall event on
>> 10/28/00. The marshals in charge were Alfred and Pug.
>> Open:
>> Name                   20, 20t, 30, 40, tot
>> Galen of Bristol        5,   5,  3,  1,  14
>I may have tied for worst score, but I'm proud 'cause 
>this is the first time scores with my name on them have 
>_ever_ been turned in!
>Thanks for Pug and all for running this, and for the 
>loan of the arrows.
>(Also, as part of my policy of disarming my ex-wife, I 
>bought her supply of target arrows, and so won't need 
>any loaner gear next time.)
>- Galen
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