ARCH - I'm getting my crossbow back!

Patrick Cuccurello pat at
Mon Nov 6 13:12:30 PST 2000

Well, the fates have smiled upon me!

My crossbow has been out of service for the past 3 years because I've just
been too darn lazy to build a box to ship it back to Iolo for repairs (my
prod was too heavy for the brass trigger and blew threw it after a couple of
shots).  Being the big, tough, burly, Laurel type (ahem...) I figured "How
tough can it be?".  So I pulled out the 1/4" steel bar and proceeded to
forge approximately 10 different triggers that didn't work worth a damn.
Disenchanted, the poor thing has been languishing up on the wall for the
past three years......but I digress....

Anyway, I ran into a couple of Iolo's apprentices at LPT who will be at 3
Kings and they offered to ferry my poor beast down to the Master (since it
has completely humiliated me <<grin>>).  Hopefully, I'll have her back at
12th Night (goody, goody).  So folks, you'll start seeing me on the
range....hide the women and children and everything else within a 180 degree
arc of the front of me (just kidding, I'm not quite that bad).

What is the process for having an archery practice with a local group?  I
assume that someone out our way is going to have to get authorized in order
for Black Oak Keep to hold an "official" archery practice.  Since we are
close to Steppes, should I approach Steppes Archery Marshal, or is that only
handled on a Regional/Kingdom level?

Looking forward to finally getting out on the range,

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