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If all else fails, describe the jig to us.  I'm not familar with the Martin.  All mine are Jo-Jans, but they have to work the basic same way.  Also, not being a smart a--, but did it come with direction?

You'll have to first taper the end of the shaft that will have the nock.  Did you also get a taper tool for the size of shaft you have?  If not, some pencil sharpeners will get you close.  But the best results will be obtained by using the proper taper tool.

Gule the nock on the tapered end and let it dry.

After this it will depend on what type of fletchig jig it is.

One thing you'll probably want to do regardless of the type of jig it is and that is put bow string wax on the blades that hold the vanes/feathers.  This will keep the glue from sticking to the blade and makes removing the vane/feather much easier after the glue has dried. Re coat the blades as necessary, will will wear off as you use the jig.

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