ARCH - Sunday Archery Practice - Nov. 19th

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Sun Nov 19 06:16:19 PST 2000

So, does this mean you all won't be coming to Archer's Revel next weekend?


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  Unto the good gentles of Bryn Gwlad, greetings!

  Due to rains all day today (Saturday), the ground is too saturated for us to shoot arrows (either combat or target).  However, whenever the weather is nasty - make arrows!  I will be completing several sets of combat arrows at practice tomorrow, so if you are interested, stop on by.  I will have several different types of fletching jigs available for your review.

  Hopefully, we shall be able to shoot again on the 26th (if we are not all still overly full from feasting the days before).

  Hope to see you there tomorrow, 2 pm!

  In Service to the Barony,
  I remain faithfully yours,

  Lord Alfred Huddlestone
  Archery Marshal, Barony of Bryn Gwlad
  Combat Archer, Bryn Gwlad War Company
  Guardsman, Bryn Gwlad Baronial Guard
  Kinsman to Clan MacConacher
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