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Wed Nov 29 21:47:36 PST 2000

Gilli said:
> I must have miss the posting that gave the start and finish dates for the
> RRs.  It's not listed on the web page.  Nor has that web page been updated
> since July.

No, the start and finish dates are not listed on the web nor are the
specifics of the ranking system.  I still have to put that up there.  The
current completed/offical averages are on the web page.

> It seems to me that the longer I do this, the more of my brain cells
> involved with memory cease to function.  Did we talk about if this was
> to be a year to year ranking or is it once you are a rank you down go
> or what?

Yes, we talked about this and we looked at other kingdoms and asked their
scorekeepers for advice.  To start off we decided to run the rankings for
the rest of the 2000 calendar year.  Likely starting in 2001 as we move to a
new and improved database this will change and the rankings will never

 1.  Looking at other kingdoms we saw that most kingdoms (all the ones
     I talked to) never close their Royal Round Rankings.  New scores
     are continueally added to the database and any scores over a year
     old are removed from the database.  So an archers average is
     comprised of his three highest scores shot within the past 365

 2.  It's HOT down here in the summer so why not continue to accept
     scores during those months when you can actually tolerate to be
     at the range all day.

 3. We want to encourage archers to shoot all the time and not just
    during the IKAC season.

For the first "Season" while we got this started, got the bugs worked out
and developed a databse that we liked, we decided to run it through the end
of the calendar year.  It was simply a judgement call made for
administrative purposes.

We still have the problem that almost nobody submits scores with the
requested and required information.  In other kingdoms that will just get
your scores tossed into the trash bin or returned to you for completion but
not recorded.

All submitted scores should include

  Archer's SCA Name
  Archer's Modern Name
  Archer's SCA Group
  Division(Open Handbow, Open Crossbow, Period Handbow, Period crossbow)
  Date on which the score was shot
  Event or practice at which the score was shot
  Name of officiating marshall
  Royal Round Total

I know this seems like a lot of data but we have discovered that it is
necessary for good scorekeeping and it is less than what is required in most
other kingdoms.  There is a place for all of this data on the offical IKAC
scoresheet (since that is what most people use) except for the archers
mundane name.  We need the mundane name because there are too many Ians, and
Roberts, and Williams out there and often when recording a score we need to
double check against the mundane name.

Once you have earned a Rank/Tassel it is yours to keep.  However, your
standing in the current rankings will likely move up and down.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
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