ARCH - When to do AoB?

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Greetings and Hi There,

1.	Yes it is a Kingdom level event.

2.	Classes, shooting, bardic, food, other event type stuff.  I have a
12 page "How To" I can send you if you want it.  It's like other educational
events, but geared toward archery.  Classes in other subjects could be given
as well.  

3.	Space to run several ranges at once would be nice.  You don't
nesescarily need classes room; however, some sort of separated areas to hold
classes are required.  Instructors are needed.  That means lead time is
required for their preparation; 4 - 6 months.

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1.  Is Academy of the Bow a Kingdom event?

2.  What happens at the event?

3.  What site requirements would the event have?

- Galen Elfsea
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