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Greetings and Hi There,

With permission, I forward this to the list.  This is in response to the
"too many Problem" I posted.


> Don't act like it is an exclusive club.
> Don't treat women as inferiors or as "chicks" or that they have nothing to
> contribute.  the same could be said about new people.  Having been treated
> with some indifference - it's caused me to get an edge with some of the
> more experienced archers.
> Make an attempt to talk to people who do archery whether or not it's
> or combat.  Many times combat archery people might actually want to learn
> target but are put off by the fact that it seems to be an exclusive club.
>  THe biggest thing is don't treat target archery like it's your personal
> property.  It's treated like that alot on the list and I find it annoying.
> It's not yours or anyone elses...... while people often do alot for a
> project, the big clue is that once it's out there it's anybody's.  I know
> from personal experience.  The thing is that once it gets set free it
> starts changing and you and it has to be oopen to change.
> I'm not saying you don't do a lot or you're not good at anything or you
> shouldn't be worried or concerned.
> But you and a couple of people are looking at the big picture.  Try to
> integrate archery into other facets of the SCA and it will do better.  You
> have done a lot of work for archery and I think you should be applauded
> it but it needs to be a group effort.  There is starting to be a good
> movement of younger people who are interested and are starting to try to
> develop good relationships with heavy weapons people and artisans.
> Crossover always makes people less isolated.
> Like I said -- just my personal thoughts.
> Clare
> It actually is doing quite well and people are really interested.  It's
> just that some people feel like it'
> s too exclusionary.
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> Greetings and Hi There,
> Personally, I'd like to see Academy of the Bow done the first weekend of
> April every year.  Here's why.
> 1. Start of the season.  Teach new folks how to do archery and refresh
> the old timers.
> 2. Not too hot yet.
> 3. Consistency.  Folks will know when it is and plan accordingly.
> Is this do able or is it too hard to do?
> Gilli
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