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Sun Apr 1 15:53:13 PDT 2001

  Well now m'lady Darcy,  the wind did indeed buffet us most sorely, but we 
shot with determination and skill that one would expect from Middleford's 
Our results were less than we expected, but we do tend to set rather high 
To wit;  Lord Robert of Yorkshire, IKAC Open Hand Bow = 235
            HL Roger Bagley,  IKAC Cross bow = 171 (you didn't specify open 
or period 
            on the scoresheet Roger, so please let me know)
            Lord Robert of Yorkshire, Royal Round, Open Hand Bow = 102
            HL Roger Bagley,  Royal Round, Cross bow = 67
            HL Gilbert Ost Wesley, IKCAC, Hand Bow = 193
            HL Roger Bagley, IKCAC, Cross bow = 192  (a hotly contested 
  Not too bad for a season opener.  If we can shoot so fair on such a foul 
day (wind), we can no doubt submit some truly respectable scores given good 
weather. We shall soon see.

     Health and Cheer,
Lord Robert of Yorkshire
Still shootin' the 30 dollar glass bow.............
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