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You can go to  Much good info here.

A "Royal Round" is part of an IKAC.  It's 6 arrows at the 40, 6 at the 30
and 6 at the 20.  All shot at a 5 color 60 cm target in 90 second for
long/recurve or 120 seconds for crossbows.  PLUS a speed round at the 20 in
which EVERYONE has 30 seconds to shoot as many arrows / bolts at the target
as they can.  All the rounds are in fact timed.  It's just that "most" folks
don't need the full allotment of time for the non-speed rounds.

Thanks for asking.


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 Greetings all!

Congratulations to those with such great scores! It gives us newbies
something to aspire to. :O)

Just a quick question: What is the difference between an IKAC shoot and an
Ansteorran "Royal Round" (I think that's what it's called)? Is there a place
where I can go to learn about this before Springfaire?

Many Thanks!
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
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