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Mon Apr 2 12:31:01 PDT 2001

I was coordinating things for AoB and meeting with some people to discuss a central regional Company of Archers to support a proposed Brigade.  I met with several new people interested in archery and basically spent the day putting archers and Archery in general into peoples minds.  I will probably be Marshalling and instructing new archers every other weekend of the month too.  Don't expect many triple digit scores any time soon but expect lots of new names posting scores for the Royal Round standings and maybe a few IKACs.

I'm actually quite please so far.  Since our Baronial College and especially Gulf War we've had probably a full dozen people express an interest in shooting and Combat Archery.

Life is Good in Elfsea,

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>Well, we know that Crossroads Keep and Middleford were out there on the
>first day (April 1 2001) of the new Archery season, punching holes in paper
>to beat the band.
>So, ahhhhh, what was every one else doing?
>IMHO, there are two dates that each archery marshal should be making the max
>effort to be holding a shoot:  1 April--start of the season and 1
>December--the end of the season.  Ofcourse, any other time is great too.
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