ARCH - Heres Some more SCORES!!!

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First let me add my congrats to those who posted these great opening day
scores.  Secondly to expound on what Lord Gilli said, we in Ansteorra keep
track of what you have shot thru the year and post the average of the top
three scores about once a month.  When you have sent in 3 scores plus one
that was shot at a event or practice not sponsered by your local group, then
we will award you a Archers rank ( found at the Ansteorran web page) which
allows you to wear a tasselto designate that rank.  You may qualify for more
than one tassel a there are more than one division too shoot in.  have fun
Iaen Mor
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> Greetings all!
> Congratulations to those with such great scores! It gives us newbies
something to aspire to. :O)
> Just a quick question: What is the difference between an IKAC shoot and an
Ansteorran "Royal Round" (I think that's what it's called)? Is there a place
where I can go to learn about this before Springfaire?
> Many Thanks!
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