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You might have something there.  Believe it or not when I ask most of the
questions I ask is to find out info that I think others will want to know
also.  Then again I don't take shots unless there's a target either.  IMHO
there are folks out there who are far too sensitive.  Sometimes I'm one of
those folks too.

BTW, what's the word on feast for AoB?  Have you had a chance to give them
my proposal?  If not, that's OK, just wondering.

This is a test:
Click, click
Ok, I got it.  :)


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<EG>  There ya go Gilli,  just preface each e-mail with a statement saying
if it's a 'shot' or not. ;)

Looking forward to seeing everyone @ AoB.  I'm still actively looking for
instructors.  I'd like for as many as possible to meet at Springfaire so we
can talk about class/range space a bit.  This is everyone's event.  I'll
listen to opinions/advice from anyone.

Walk Softly and Carry a Bent Stick,
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>Greetings and Hi There,
>Do we have any word yet on when we will be shooting the Royal Huntsman for
>this reign?
>This is an information inquiry, not a shot.
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