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Let's not confuse what we, here in this Kingdom, call event sponsorship with
what the competition calls official events.  All of our shoots are listed in
the local newsletter, thus they are offical events as far as the competition
is concerned.  And just to make everyone happy there is a warrented marshal
at the shoot.

This is what I was taking about earlier.  We have to know the competition
rules.  What they say we can do and can't.  If we decide to limit us more
than the rules do then it's a lick on us.  

"The competition may be shot at any official Kingdom or local event (regular
practice sessions which are periodically announced in the appropriate
newsletter count as official events--otherwise, official events are all
those announced in the appropriate Kingdom or local newsletter"


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I'd have to ask then, if Middleford doesn't sponser the 'Away' shoot at the
Camp then who does?  It's got to be sponsered by some group to be an
official event.  No Sponsership, no Official Shoot, away or otherwise.

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>Greetings and Hi There,
>I have two questions.  These are questions and not shots.
>1).    Middleford has it's archery practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
>Sundays plus other days as scheduled.  They do it at the archery Range at
>the Rod and Gun Club on Main Post on Fort Hood.  Darcy and I, not in
>conjunction with Middleford, hold periodic shoots out at Camp Finlyason on
>West Fort Hood.  The terrain of the two ranges is *totally* different.
>Here's my question, which I didn't think of till just now, can we count the
>Camp Finlayson shoots as away shoots?  They aren't being sponsored by the
>local group and the ground is different.  However, there isn't much
>involved.  Your call either way, just wondering.
>2).    How many scores equal enough?  Just curious.  Not that we'd know how
>many you had.  :)
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