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Wed Apr 4 17:16:11 PDT 2001

Before this subject gets turned into another flame war let me make a
comment. While I regret that Don Sebastian will not be able to attend, the
time and place for the selection of a Royal Champion is at the "sole"
discretion of the Crown. I realize that this tourney is not going to make
the BlackStar, this also is regrettable, but this reign is 3 months old and
it is time. I would just remind you that the standing King and Queens
Champions do not chose when and where there successor is chosen, if we want
to be treated equally, why should be so arrogant as to think we should have
that privilege. It has fallen to others to try to keep this honor going
because as of yet it has not got momentum of it's own. I will not stand by
and let this chance falter. In this case the good of the many out weighs the
good of the few.

This missive is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings, but this positions
deserves more respect. I speak these words not as Kingdom Archery Marshal,
but as an Ansteorrean archer.

Fearghus MacKenna

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>   If Don Sebastian cannot attend the Royal Huntsman Tourney, through no
> or choice of his own, then neither shall I.  If the current Royal Huntsman
> had no say in when and where the next Huntsman would be chosen, I would be
> ashamed to shoot for the title.  The chance of winning a title means far
> to me than does keeping faith with a friend and fellow archer.
>         With Humble Regrets,
>        Lord Robert of Yorkshire
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