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Lord Robert;

    Your dedication to our friendship is truly noteworthy.  It is greatly
appreciated.  However, you would be doing the archery community an injustice
if you do not compete.  I was looking forward to you being the next Royal
Huntsman.  I am honored at the stand you are making, please do not allow the
decision of others to prevent you from competing.   As I said before the
Crown has the final say on these matters and we must support their

In Service

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>   If Don Sebastian cannot attend the Royal Huntsman Tourney, through no
> or choice of his own, then neither shall I.  If the current Royal Huntsman
> had no say in when and where the next Huntsman would be chosen, I would be
> ashamed to shoot for the title.  The chance of winning a title means far
> to me than does keeping faith with a friend and fellow archer.
>         With Humble Regrets,
>        Lord Robert of Yorkshire
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