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Wed Apr 4 22:48:36 PDT 2001

My Lords and Ladies, Good Gentles of Ansteorra,
  I humbly apologize to any that my comments may have offended.  Lord 
Fearghus is absolutely right, this tournament is at the Crown's discretion 
and I should, and do, respect the Crown's wishes.
  I sometimes speak too frankly because I am just a simple man.  I'm not a 
politician, and I'm not a diplomat.  I'm also not a lap dog.  If winning the 
title and being the champion archer of all Ansteorra means my opinions will 
not be asked, much less listened to, then I'm not interested.  There are 
plenty of other archers in the kingdom, and I'm sure whoever wins the title 
will do it fair and proper justice.  
  I wish all success to the Royal Huntsman tournament, luck to all who shoot 
in it, and sincere thanks to those who have worked so hard to set it up.  And 
once more I apologize to any on this list that I may have offended. 

                Cheers All,
Lord Robert of Yorkshire 
p.s.: So far this season, a 235 IKAC, a 102 Royal Round, and still just a 
rookie with an ugly, thirty dollar, fiberglass bow. (but I do make my own 
arrows now, it helps)
p.s, p.s.: "50 cents" indeed, I seem to recall you don't drink coffee 
Plachoya, but thanks anyhow for the "honor points", what with twenty one 
years in the military, a war, a divorce, and Hurricane Andrew, there have 
been times in my life when honor was all I had
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