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Thu Apr 5 07:47:18 PDT 2001

Gilli wrote:
> Now I realize that once the Crown gets there 
> scheduling is an iffy thing at best.  But if there is 
> any way to influence the scheduling of court so that
> the presenting of the new Archery Champion is more 
> toward the front end of the court instead of the end 
> of court, it sure would be nice.  

Well, that's Royal business, not baronial, but I'll be 
happy to mention it to the King.  (An on-site reminder 
to me to do this would be welcome.)  But we just had a 
meeting last night, and decided to invite the new Royal 
Huntsman to dine with us at the high table at feast.  I 
trust that's in line with what you're thinking of.

Now here's a question.

When should the _next_ Royal Huntsman competition take 
place?  Academy of the Bow is only a week before 
Coronation.  Do we want to do it there?  I know that's 
a fast turnaround, but we've got to fix this, and I 
have hope that Their Highnesses will be cooperative in 
fixing the problem of having this championship chosen 
so late in the reign.

- Galen

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