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If having one Royal Huntsman serve for only a month or two will get this
puppy back on track, I say do it.

I also like the idea of choosing the Huntsman during the Heirs time so that
Coronation the Huntsman is right there.

If we don't get all hung up on format, shooting the Huntsman at AoB
shouldn't be a problem.  Usually the ranges are open all day, thus allowing
folks to shoot between the classes they want to attend.  The competition for
the Huntsman could be that person with the highest combined score of a IKAC
and a IKCAC.  This was done at AoB IV, when Don Sebastian was the real first
King's Archer.  Plus the Kingdom just might get some scores out of the deal
that would help our standings in the InterKingdom Competitions.  This would
be a good thing.   I LIKE IT!!!

The only thing that could make this better is to make it so the AoB ALWAYS
happens so that particular set of heirs could do the same thing EVERY YEAR.
By god, I do LIKE IT.  This has the potential for being a ***really*** good

Talk about killing a bunch of birds with one stone.
1) When to do AoB--solved
2) When to chose the Summer Crowns Huntsman--solved
3) Get Kingdom scores for IKAC / IKCAC --one more BIG opportunity.
4) Archery community solidarity--one more opportunity to show it.

Ooops, all those good things....that means we're not going to do it, doesn't
it?  Oooh man, rats.


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Galen here...

Quoting Eadric Anstapa <eadric at>:

> Based on conversation on the Red Tape list a few 
> weeks ago I believe that Duncan and Larissa are very 
> much open to being approached now about scheduling 
> the Royal Huntsman shoot for their Reign.

This is true.  I approached them yesterday with my 
suggestion of holding the next Royal Huntsman 
competition at Academy of the Bow, just a week before 
their Coronation.  They like the idea, if the archery 
community does.  They already plan to be in attendance 
at Academy of the Bow.

But I haven't checked with Wilim or Fearghus, and so I 
don't know what people -- including the autocrat of the 
event and the Kingdom Archery Marshal -- think about 

One obvious drawback is that means that one Royal 
Huntsman will serve for only just over two months from 
Spring Faire until Coronation.  Another drawback is 
whatever size monkeywrench it'll throw into the class 
schedule at AoB; I don't have any idea how big a 
problem that is.

One apparant advantage is that the Royal Huntsman could 
be chosen at AoB, and then invested as part of the 
Coronation ceremony, like the King's Champion.  Another 
is that we could then immediately turn around and begin 
seeking bids kingdom-wide for the following reign's 
Royal Huntsman's tourney.

This needs feedback.  Sebastian?  Fearghus?  Wilim?  
Anybody?  Anybody?

I'm copying the Crown Princess on this posting so that 
she'll have an update on the status of this suggestion, 
and know that it's by no means a done deal.

- Galen
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