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The Royal Huntsman is the same as any of the Royal Champions in my opinion.
Nothing that I am aware of keeps someone from being The Kings Champion or
Queen's Champion back to back. And we have had repeats for those positions.
As to who stands in, well  that is something that we can have a ' campfire'
discussion about. A very good question.

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	Wilim said:  Speaking as the person who's going to win, As long as
you let
	compete for the title again at AOB it's not a problem. ;)

	Now that's a good question which brings a few others to mind which I
	recall hearing an answer to.

	Can the Huntsman succeed him/herself?

	Can you be the Huntsman more than once or is it a once in a lifetime

	Who can stand in for the Huntsman if they can't be there?

	Who can take the Huntsman's place during a Court?

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