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The Royal Huntsman was not created to promote IKAC. His Excellancy Drake
chose IKAC as the first tourney because he wanted Ansteorra to have more
scores. The Royal Huntsman was created to provide a venue to promote archery
and in my opinion a way to recognize archers in this Kingdom. I am sorry to
say this, while the IKAC is a noble shoot and competition it is not the end
all to archery in this Kingdom. It is not the driving force for competition
and it is not necessarilly the way to measure who the best archers in this
Kingdom are. The best archers in this Kingdom are the ones that support our
endevor and promote and teach. They are the ones that strive to be the best
that they can and work to make this enjoyable for all involved. The best
archers in this Kingdom are the ones that take the time to work with our
children on the range to ensure that our activity has a future. Now it so
happens that some of the best archers in this Kingdom are the ones that can
place alot of arrows in the gold, but that is not all that goes in to being
an Ansteorran Archer. Again this is my opinion and not necessarily the
opinion of the managment.


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> I have a question for Ld Fearghus and the list. Why was the Royal Huntsman
> created? It was my miss? understanding to promoat target archery (IKAC). I
> belive that we (the archers) should get this shoot back on the track it
> ment to be on. For all of you saying listen to Plachoya talk about lets do
> an IKAC but I have been to events where he ran the archery comp. and we
> a realy weird long range shoot or some other elin. torunment, guilty I hat
> IKAC for Champion shoots and find the "novality" shoots a lot more fun to
> shot and run. This is not a novality shoot it is to determin the next
> Huntsman.
> My 50 cents.
> Plachoya
> >For the selection of champions I have really grown to like the
> >style brackets such as we shot at the last Huntsman shoot and was shot
> >the Loch Champion.  It turns it into more of what people think of as a
> >"tournament" and it builds some excitement as the crowd watching realizes
> >that with the very next arrow the two Archers currently shooting can
> >advance or be eliminated.  At the last tourney is was very cool and
> >to watch Robert and Sebastian go at it and literally win and lose with
> >shot by fractions on an inch.
> >
> Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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