Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Sun Apr 8 19:28:25 PDT 2001

One of the things about the IKAC is that it lets you compair yourself to
other archers through out the known world as HL Gilli has stated. The one
thing that bothers me is that my name is one  of the name that some how
manages to keep appearing in the Black Star. Quite honnestly it should not
be there buy the end of the year. There are alarg number of archers that are
quite simpley better shots than I am, but at some time during the year I
take time to shoot one or two IKAC in my back yard and turn them in (they
are published practis) and low and behold there they are at the end of the
year one of the top three in Kingdom.
How do we get more archers to have scores posted? If ther is a target
archery competion taking place at an event and ther are target archery
suppervising marshals resent see if you can use the range to shoot an IKAC.
It may mean getting your ducks in a row and making people get there act
together so that the competition can be shot so as to have time to do the
other shot after the competion. As apposed to letting any mone come down and
shoot when ever they get there. HOw ofter do you here of the heavey or light
list being held open till when ever so that one more person can enter.
If you want to be an archer be an archer don't try to be a heavey or light
fighter that also shoots archery. Decide when you get to the event if you
are going to enter the hevey, light, or archery list and live with that
Just the way I feel about some of the things that effect the archery
comunity here.
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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