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Is there anyway for us non 3d shooters to see what those kill zones are
ahead of time?

It's a great cause too.

Well, if I can't go, my money will.


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One shot per target.  12, 10, 8, 5, and 0 if you miss the target.  The
points are determined by where you hit the kill zone for an animal.  The
kill zones are different for say a bear and a deer.  It is nothing like
shooing paper targets.

There will be room for primitive camping only in the parking area, or if you
have a RV.

Would like to see all those that are not going to Stepps.

All the money raised at the shoot goes to St. Jude's and I mean ALL the
money not just the proceeds.  The owners of the local shop spends about 4k
to put this shoot on.

It takes the whole club a year of planning to put this shoot on Gilli.


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