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Scott Powers spowers at
Wed Apr 11 09:15:24 PDT 2001

Could you detail some of the circumstances that you are aware of that led
to the bounce back injuries?

I am not a combat archer, but from where I sit, it would appear to me that
bounce back injuries can only occur when there is another fighter in close
proximity to the target that is facing away from the archer, ergo. is fully
engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the target.  If this is the case, then
the solution may be a change in training rather than a change in equipment.
Combat archers could simply be trained to not shoot into a potential bounce
back situation, much as heavy fighters are directed to not hit the knee or

I know this would reduce the number of potential targets, since many
potential targets would be fully engaged in close combat.  However, this
could eliminate the need for an equipment change.  I submit that it is also
more chivalric, more sporting, to shoot at a target that is not otherwise
distracted by close combat.  I know that many chivalric fighters do not
like combat archers because they perceive archers as being somehow "unfair"
for our stand-off killing ability.  If we decided among ourselves that
(disguised as chivalry or otherwise) we would not shoot a fighter who was
closely engaged with another fighter (our guy has his back to us), then it
might raise the level of respect that the heavy fighters have for the
combat archery community.


At 10:32 AM -0500 4/11/01, Duke, Wes wrote:
>OK Folks, here is what is going on. Due the now documented problems with
>bounce back that occurred at Gulf War, We the archery community have been
>mandated to fix 2 problems. 1)  penetration of the face grills from bounce
> but I have seen the results
>and they happened at this last Gulf War, and more to the point the Senior
>Mashallete of this Society has seen them.
>Ld Fearghus MacKenna
>Kingdom Archery Marshal
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