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Wed Apr 11 13:44:48 PDT 2001

Good Afternoon,
     Okay I'm confused but let me see if I can sort it out.  People suggesting times for RH please Correct me where I stray from your intentions.
     Thier current Majesties have yet to have a RH selected during their reign for them.  That would translate to Fearghus being Hunstman for Drake,  Sebastian being Hunstman for Timo, and none as of yet being Hunstman for Jason.  Jason has determined the best date for his Huntsman to be selected as Springfaire and that's when it's going to be.  
     Duncan and Larissa wish thier Huntsman to be named at Coronation or there abouts.  In order for that to happen the proposal is for the Royal Huntsman for them to be chosen two weeks before Corontation at AoB.
     Other than Jason's Huntsman only being Huntsman for 2 Months and a bit I don't see a problem with that.  Assuming we can have the next Hunstman selected a few weeks( month) before the next coronation, that would put things on track.  IF we can get a Royal Hunstman Tourney in between November and January Coronation.  Oddly enough the weekend between (Traditionally) Steppes Twelfth Night and Coronation is very Open.  That would put the Hunstman for the NEXT heirs a week before thier Corontation same as this one.  That's the start of a tradition.

     Of Course if Coastal can only commit to a bid in September and not January than we have an issue unless someone else will bid.  Personally I don't have a problem shooting in the Texas "Winter".

Okay,  let me know how far off I am on my guess as to people's meaning and/or how weird the schedule I propose is.

Billy Fathead
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