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Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp) Charles.Dewart at
Thu Apr 12 08:28:10 PDT 2001

Tool dip is a product you can dip things in like tools to give them a non
conductive coating of a rubber like material.

I'm just not sure with the vanes that far back, if things are going to work
right or not.

Then even if it does work, that will be "a lot" of work to do old arrows
with.  We'll play with it a bit


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Sounds like it would be worth a try. I think I know what tooldip is - 
not sure though.

Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp) wrote:

> Greetings and Hi There,
> While at the war, talking to Fearghus in the arrow factory, he brought a
> possible modification.
> I think Chass has elude to the same modification.
> That modification is stiffer vanes useing tooldip.  Well there is a bit
> to it that that.  Currently, most arrows are made with the vanes about 1
> inches forward of the nock.  To do this, the vanes will basically have to
> glued on to the nock.  Not sure if this will work.  I'll try it tonight.
> test it, I'll make a special arrow with nocks at both end.  I'll shoot the
> arrow at my helm and sees what will happen.
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