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It'd be pretty cool to get a Duke to tell that to the BoD.


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I spent some time on the phone with Duke Baldar last night.  A couple of 

Like many of us here in Ansteorra he believes that this is not about eye
protection.  If so then eye protection like goggles would simply be
required.  He believes it is about the non-CA kingdoms trying to kill CA and
about the Goof Tube Kingdoms trying to kill wooden shafted and fiberglass
shafted arrows and bolts.  Beyond that he acknowledges tha tthere is a huge 
population of armoured fighters in any kingdom who do not want to be
to wear eye protection or modify their helms.  By the way, the current SEM
from Calontir so think about who are the people he hears most often.  

Baldar is also completely convinced that bulbous nocks will be required and 
that there is absolutely no way to stop it.

That said, he IS working towards a nock design that he can produce that will
meet the requirements.  he is currently looking at a mold that will produce
a single piece of plastic that incorporates both vanes and nocks and in one
package.  This fletch/nock would have a minimum cross-section at the base of
1.25" so it wont enter through a faceplate.  There will be some sort of ring
around the base to add some rigidity.

If you are familiar with rubber vanes that are used on some fishing arrows
then this is something very similar to that but with the built-in nock only
larger.  The would be a true anti-penetration device rather than simply a
bulbous nock to reduce injury should there be a penetration.

Take a look at this link to see the rubber fish arrow fletches that I refer

or take a look at this link where you can see a commercial kids tri-fletch
arrow that has sorta the same thing but with a nock.

Those pictures should kinda give you the idea.   Baldar said you would be 
able to saw the nock off and just leave a hard flat plastic base if for some

reason like with crossbows you needed to get rid of the nock.

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> Greetings and Hi There,
> While at the war, talking to Fearghus in the arrow factory, he brought a
> possible modification.
> I think Chass has elude to the same modification.
> That modification is stiffer vanes useing tooldip.  Well there is a bit
> to it that that.  Currently, most arrows are made with the vanes about 1
> inches forward of the nock.  To do this, the vanes will basically have to
> glued on to the nock.  Not sure if this will work.  I'll try it tonight.
> test it, I'll make a special arrow with nocks at both end.  I'll shoot the
> arrow at my helm and sees what will happen.

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