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Greeting to all from Ldy Ayla, Raven's Fort Archery Marshall.

It has been said that types of novelty shoots are period. One of which is
the Clam Shoot.  We will be shooting at "clay clams" on the bulls eye at 30
yards, and who ever hits the most out of 12 arrows will win.  Three targets
will be placed and if the archer hits all three then three more shells will
be placed on the targets.  Field tips only.
Practice will be allowed before one tries for score.  The outcome of this
competition will determine who will be the next year's Bowman of the Fort
(AKA Baronial Archery Champion).

Also, there will be an Archers' Flight which is generally archers bringing a
pot luck style food or drink item for an archers' luncheon.  A table will be
present at the Archery Range to deposit dishes brought to share.

And one last thing before I go!  The range will be available after the clam
shootin' for IKAC scoring.  AND loaner equipment will be available!

If anyone has any questions, please email me at jehosafat at

Thank you,
Lady Ayla

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