ARCH - Bounce Back

Richard Threlkeld rjt at
Tue Apr 17 11:29:27 PDT 2001

In discussing the problem of arrows "bouncing back" and possibly 
causing damage through our helm grills, my brother said he had 
seen devices to reduce bounce back which consisted of a movable 
load which slid along the axis of the device. When the device 
hit and began to rebound, the load was still moving forward and 
impacted with the head absorbing most of the energy. 

In our situation, that might be a blunt that was filled partly 
with sand or a liquid. Or it might be a ring that slid along the 
shaft. Is this practical?

Clearly it does not prevent deflections from causing trouble, but 
it may help "bounce back" situations.

Caelin on Andrede

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