ARCH - Any Answers Yet??

Bob Dewart gilli at
Tue Apr 17 16:40:08 PDT 2001

Well, I'm home now.  No death threats, so that's good news.

I did get a responce back from one of the BOD members.  I have asked for
permission to share the responce.  Basically it's reasuring but non
committale.  So far the SEM hasn't made a proposal.  Perhaps we can shape
the ground he walks on a bit.

If you got your TI, the BOD wants to hear from folks on things.  Don't be
shy.  They are good folks.  I know at least one for sure is because he's
from Ansteorra.

The more folks they hear from the more information they have to make a
disicion with.

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> Gilli did ya get any responses yet? I am also curious
> how safe is safe and what their solution is??
> Charinthalis Del Sans

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