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Thu Apr 19 12:09:09 PDT 2001

The octagonal UHMW bulbous nocks have very little hanging below or to the
bow side of the shaft because the shaft is set into one corner of it.

To see what I mean loot at the bottom illustration at

And folks, lets PLEASE NOT CALL THEN ABD's.  The are not
Anti-Bounceback-Devices and do nothing to prevent bouncebacks.  Lets call
them what they are and what Sir Jon originally called his designs "Bulbous
Nocks".  Fellwalker has pushed the ABD term and it is an incorrect use in
these cases.  Please use either "Bulbous Nock" or APD for
Anti-Penetration-Device.  Lets be clear on what they really are.



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We're now stuck with having a 1 1/4 inch nock on the nock end of our combat
q-tips (that's what they'll look like).

When it goes forward after you let go there's going to be about 1/2 of an
inch of stuff hanging below the arrow back there that usually isn't.  It's
going to smak the side of the shelf, or your hand if you hold your bow high,
and bounce off on it's merry way.  A flipper, as they are called, about a
5/8 inch above the shelf should take care of that problem.  But I bet
they'll have to be replaced often.

I'm just dying to see how these babies fly.


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Huh?? I am now lost lol please explain gilli

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> Well, if we gotta shoot that bigass nock, I want to
> try to raise the thing
> off the shelf so I don't beat the hell out of me.
> Gilli
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