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Fri Apr 20 09:36:10 PDT 2001

Ed McHenry <rampanthare at> said:
> I am afraid that I would have to agree with Nuala.  At
> Gulf War we lost 80% of the arrows we took.  This is
> already a expensive hobby.  The new regulations just
> add to the cost.  With the additional restrictions we
> will not be able to "fill the air with a glorious rain
> of death" that was so impressive at Gulf.
> Roana 

Lost?  Does mean:  I know they are here but can find them.  or that they were 
damaged and destroyed?

If they are damaged and desstroyed then I'll assume you were using wooden 
shafted ansteorran war quarrels.

I have heard statements from a number of people to the effect that even 
though fiberglass shafted arrows with a $2 baldar blunt on them are more 
expensive to start that over the course of 4 wars the cost will even out 
because you don't break any.  That evening out cost is purely monetary and 
doesn't account for time savings.  Duke Baldar straight out asked me how we 
could afford to bring so many wooden shafted missles to War year after year.

Now consider some of the upcoming changes...

If you want a commercial head Duke Baldar's new design of blunt makes it 
easier to inspect, will last longer, hit less hard because they are softer 
(10 points more soft based on durometer readings), withh be accepted 
basically society wide, and because the mould is more simple he expects to be 
able to reduce the cost on them by 25 cents each.

If his current plans for a new nock end APD device pan out then it will have 
integrated fletches and nocks.  While they will have a cost associated with 
them Duke Baldar plans to sell them at cost and since you don't have to buy 
vanes and nocks the cost will be offset by maybe 40 cents an arrow you would 
have already been spending.

UHMW heads are much lighter and cheaper than Baldar Blunts but are not as 
easy to inspect and you still get tape/foam wear.  Basically it costs a few 
pennies more to construct a UHMW head than it does a standard Ansteorran War 
Quarrel head.

Fiberglass arrow shafts cost about 65 cents a shaft (delivered) about the 
cheapest Cedar or Chundoo shafts you can find (you would not want to use them 
for target archery) would be about 75 cents a shaft (delivered) so ya save 
about 10 cents a shaft by going to fiberglass.  

Sure you can get off cheaper if you are out buying typical ramin dowels from 
the local Home Depot but you aren't supposed to be doing that.  I will qoute 
from the Ansteorran Complete Participants Handbook "Shaft material shall be 
of a good quality wood such as fir, cedar or chundo. Typical dowel material 
may not be used."

Now, a UHMW head, fiberglass shaft, and UHMW APD might increase your cost $30 
on a hundred arrows but when you consider the longevity of those shafts you 
will recoup the costs quickly.


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