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While that is an interesting idea, one which I entertained myself, I'm sure
the Trimarian archers are in the same boat we are.  If somebody is gping to
blink, I'd perfer it was us that showed and they didn't.  :)

Besides, it's not the poor grunt on the line that caused this.

If both side don't shoot at archers, we'll make our point.


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I have an even Eviler Idea.. What if we didnt have any
archers show up to GW?? What would the HW fighters do
then as they were picked off by Trimarian Archers and
they had no archers of their own.

Charinthalis Del Sans
> Another thought I have is, if we could arrange it,
> no arrcher shoot at
> another archer at the war, next year only.  Isn't
> that eveil.
> Gilli

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