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Fri Apr 20 14:14:59 PDT 2001

"Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)" said:
> The hard simple truth of the fact is this; there are many, many more heavy
> fighters than combat archers.  It's a numbers game pure and simple.  The
> bigger group is going to get it's way.  Even if we put it to a vote.  Logic
> dose not mater.  We get stomped. 

Just a wee bit of trivia.

According to the Ansteorran Marshallate Secretary in this Kingdom as of 
03/09/01 Combat Archers are outnumbered by Armored Fighters 149 to 537.

Take into account that we peobably field nearly as large a percentage of 
combat archers as about any other kingdom and there are a number of other 
Kingdoms where there is no CA at all and what you get is probably Archer 
being outnumbered 8 to 1 or perhaps even more. (I think the SEM figures it is 
15 to 1 but he is probably biased a wee bit and is using figures from his 
kingdom were archery is definatly not favored)  Ofcourse that 8 to 1 just a 
gut feel since the only hard data I have is for Ansteorra.


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