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If we follow and if necessary modify this plan we make a statement the BOD
will listen to. Again request the marshals to renew. We can keep archery
alive this way and send a very strong statement to the BOD. If we plan this
carefully and keep the marshals in place there should be no reason for an
archer less war.

I am not advocating that this be the only statement we make. 

Part of this is also to get them to see that better face protection is
necessary if they wish to avoid all liability issues concerning eyes. You
know and I know that eye protection is the only way that will cure this
issue nocks break and trees wait. This ruling only stalls the issue. Sooner
or later some one will get hurt.


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The hard simple truth of the fact is this; there are many, many more heavy
fighters than combat archers.  It's a numbers game pure and simple.  The
bigger group is going to get it's way.  Even if we put it to a vote.  Logic
dose not mater.  We get stomped. 

As for safety, until some fighter walks out of the woods with half a tree
branch where he's eye was, it won't matter.  The damage will have been done.
Unless of course, someone takes that walk at this Pensic.

There is one more chance, a slim one to be sure, that the BoD will overturn
the SEM.  But don't hold your breath.

So now it's a test of character and will.  While I'll grumble and cuss, I
refuse to let them have a archerless battlefield for a full war.


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This should be a temporary measure. First we send a statement signed by as
many from the known world who would support the archers. Hopefully that
would be enough to convince the BOD that we are serious. If not then we
would have to follow through with the threat. Again as Gillie mentioned we
would request that the Marshals renew so that there would still be the
necessary organization in place to continue archery, both static and Combat.
If this does not work in the long run and the BOD is determined to squash
Combat Archery then each of us would have to act as their conscience
dictates. In your case after a period of time then continue getting people
to become SCA memberships. I do not wish to give up my membership but I do
not want my hands tied in battle by a rule that favor one form of fighter
for no good reason. If we are required to use this method of safety for the
fighters (anti penetration nocks) then how about we hobble the fighters with
a one foot chain tied to their ankles the effect is the same they are safe
from us and we are safe from them.

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