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Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Sat Apr 21 04:49:18 PDT 2001

This is where I like the electral tape when it shows singes of getting bad
you can unwrap it take some cleaner to clean the resdue off and rewrap it in
about two mininuets. Where as with straping tape the glue dries you have to
scrape and scrub to get the old tape off and scrub some more to get the
surface clean. More maintamce to electrial tape but easer to do, less with
strapping tape but harder take you pick.

>Now, why  do *I* think you should use strapping tape?  The real simple
>answer is direct observation at this moment.  I have some fiberglass shafted
>Baldar Blunt arrows in front of me at this moment that are a couple of years
>old.  The electrical tape around the bases of the heads is starting to get
>brittle, the edges are starting to curl, and the glue is weakening and it is
>coming unstuck.  The fiberglass strapping tape on the shafts is still going
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