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Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Sun Apr 22 15:18:21 PDT 2001

Ther have been comments about the cost of complining with the new arrow
standers. They have been compaired to the cost of maintiance. We are NOT
talking about maintiance we are talking about cost to meet a new weapon
standard. It would be like telling all fighters that they have to replace
there basket hilts with new one so that an oppenets fingers could not enter
there basket hilt, or require shiled to be redesigened so thet they could
not enter a helm and that you would have to use solid matteral, hose not
alowed. I am NOT in favor or requiring lextan / screening in helms. I faver
5/8 knocks on arrow and then let thouse that desir more protection than that
add what they feel nessary.
The current requirements show a lack of though in that they do NOT alow for
rapier fingter or for thouse that currently use 3/4 blunts with screening.
The rule says all arrows will have 5/4 knocks. If you are using a 3/4 blunt
on the point why do you need a 5/4 knock? If your face protection will NOT
let in a 1/4 inch point why do you need a 5/4 knock?
I play this game becouse it is fun it is getting to where it is NOT fun, and
I will have to think about how long I will continue to play.
have fun play nice plachoya

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