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Well, if that's what would happen if the Kingdom Treasurer gets involved,
then that won't happen.

You're also assuming one of our Kingdom regs would get changed to allow that
to happen.  The one that require vanes which means at least two.  Now of
course, if the Siloflex passes, rip that cock vane off and replace it with
the Siloflex. 

But, you're right, if the Siloflex passes, then the cost of refits will drop
a whole bunch.  And if it does, that's a good thing, then we use the money
to help with the Participants Handbook.

Unless, we come up with something better to do with in a non party sort of


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"Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)" 
> I've had a few more thoughts on this.
> Since the BoD is going to wait till the October meeting to review the
> decision, there are now some possibilities that weren't there before.  So
> the exact outcome is unclear at this time.
> In this post I want to talk about the auction thing.  

OK, I am not aopposed to an auction thing or other fund raiser to help the 
kingdom out  However, I think you are going to find that when you starting 
getting the SCA treasurers involved and talk about giving money to 
*individuals* to help them offset the cost of new equipment or retrofits
things are gunna get shot down.

Now, if thje Siloflex/Tube APDs that are currently being discussed get 
approved and work out then they are actually cheaper than the fletches they 
would replace.  Does that mean that the archery community should donate the 
savings back to the kingdom?  :-P


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