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Fri Apr 27 13:59:00 PDT 2001

Greetings all.

As I have not seen anything come down from the lists, here is a forward of 
what I received from the BOD concerning my post to them voicing my 
opposition of the ABD's.

As all archery equipment must be changed by August, and the BOD wants to 
wait to review the ruling in October, I see the BOD review as being two 
months too late.

<<<PERSONNAL OPINION>>> I have a feeling that nothing will be done by the 
BOD or the SEM to review or change anything.  It looks like we will have to 
wait to get a real damage assessment.  Does anyone want to guess how many 
archers will be at next Gulf War??

Ld James
Shire of Tempio
Archery Marshal
Cadet to Don OEngus and Don Dore

>As you may know by now, the Board of Directors voted this past
>weekend to approve the Society Marshal's decision to require
>protection on combat archery nocks.  The entries in the minutes
>on this matter can be found at the end of this email.
>This was not an easy decision and we regret the effort and cost
>that our archers will have to go to in complying with this ruling.
>There has been growing concern over this matter for several years,
>and incidents at the recent Gulf Wars indicated that an unacceptably
>high level of risk was present, and the possibility of serious injury
>was too great.
>Please know that the Board of Directors was completely aware that the
>Society Marshal's ruling was made only a short time before the quarterly
>meeting, and the Board was also aware of the amount of controversy this
>ruling had already generated; however, the issue was the safety of our
>fighters and everyone else on the field of combat, and in the interest
>of safety, the Board determined action was required at this meeting.
>Thanks to the efforts of many people who have been testing ABDs for
>several years, there are already several approved devices, and the
>Directors hope that more experimentation will happen shortly.  We do
>recognize the speed at which this change has been made, though, and
>as you can see from the minutes quoted below, the Board has directed
>the Society Marshal to continue to evaluate this matter, as it will be
>revisited at the October 2001 quarterly meeting.
>Please feel free to pass this letter on to others who may be interested
>in this ruling.
>Matt Larsen
>Director, SCA Inc.
>Ombudsman for the Society Marshal
>From the unapproved minutes for the April 21, 2001 meeting of the
>Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc.:
>(2) All wooden and fiberglass shafted arrows used in SCA combat archery 
>shall be
>required to have an approved ABD on the nock-end to prevent any injurious
>to SCA combatants.  This requirement shall be implemented on August 1, 
>to allow a sufficient period for implementation.
>Motion by Beth Morris that the Board approve the Society Marshal's policy
>on combat archery equipment as presented, to be implemented by August 1, 
>Seconded by Carol O'Leary.
>In favor: Paul Foster, Matt Larsen, Keith MacInnes, Beth Morris, Carol
>O'Leary, John Rose.  Opposed: none.  Motion carried.
>Motion by Keith MacInnes that the Board review the above combat archery
>equipment policy at the October 2001 quarterly Board meeting.
>Seconded by Beth Morris.
>In favor: Paul Foster, Matt Larsen, Keith MacInnes, Beth Morris, Carol
>O'Leary, John Rose.  Opposed: none.  Motion carried.
>With the consensus of the Board, Chairman Baron ordered the Society Marshal
>to gather commentary on this issue and to present it to the Board for it's
>review no later than September 15, 2001.  Further, the Society Marshal is 
>present for the Board's consideration, alternatives and possible procedures
>for variances on a kingdom by kingdom basis.
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