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Fri Apr 27 00:01:23 PDT 2001

Good Lord Khailil,

I can't help but notice the tone of your e-mails and do request that you
and our fellow combat archers do carefully consider what we all are
arguing for.  I also went thru the same disbelief, anger, and despair of
the ruling, but after considering that this is a safety measure to
prevent the possible loss of an eye of one of our friends, I have come to
look upon the ruling in a different perspective.  

Ask yourself, would you want to be the archer who fired the arrow that
was involved in such an accident?  Even if you had followed all the
rules, would that lessen the guilt you might feel at your arrow being the
one that cost someone their sight? 

Yes the ruling will be a difficult one to comply with, and yes it will be
costly, and yes it change combat archery as we know it.
But I now see it as a small price to pay to prevent the loss of someone's
sight, friend or foe.  

Just a little food for thought!  

In service,

Ld. Wm. Ironwyrm

Marshal of Archers Barony of the Steppes

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001 10:10:28 -0500 "Khailil The Sarclander"
<wayneman at> writes:
>        Now that we have adopted these new missle requirments, are the 
> other
> kingdoms following suit?  Will we be the only kingdom with the super 
> slow
> arrows?
>        I was standing next to and witnessed one of the eye injuries 
> at Gulf
> War.  The ANSTERORRAIN fighter was stuck in the eye by an fiberglass
> crossbow bolt.  It had only two fleches and a baldar tip.  The bolt 
> had
> struck his sword and wrapped around into his eyeslot.
>        So my other question is, which projectiles cause injuries?  
> Has any
> testing been done on the bounce back potentail of different 
> projectiles?
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