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Though I'd share.

I'll bring the dead ones with me.

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> Greetings and Hi There,
> I just had some interesting results, even though I didn't shoot many
> Last night I'd cut several differant lengths of siloflex.
> I used some of my 45lb chundo wood shafts left over from Gulf War.  I
> the fletches off and attached a 3.5 inch top peice of slioflex as per the
> Outland diagram (minus the finger hole) to the shaft.  I went to my side
> yard and shot at my gate door which is plywood.  At a distance of about 10
> yards I shoot the arrow from my 30lb recurve. I aimed low.  When I retreve
> the arrow, it had broken in two at the forward strapping and duct tape!!
> Well, let's try
> I went back end and made two more arrows.  One more   3.5  incher and a
> incher.  I moved further out toward the street, perhaps a range of 15
> I aimed at the middle of the gate. The two incher hit where I aimed with a
> good thud.  However it too was destroyed just like the first.
> I shot the second.  Again I aimed at the middle of the gate.  I fired
> several times. Never hitting where I aimed.  They all het more or less
> broadside except for the last one that went over the gate at a 45 degree
> angle.
> So out of a, what turned out to be a quick test, 3 arrow test I have two
> arrows broken in two being held together only by strapping tape, and one
> that didn't fly right.
> I take it then siloflex wasn't meant for wood shafts?
> Gilli
> who has about a 1,000 wood arrows

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