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Fri Apr 27 20:49:08 PDT 2001

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> Where did you get the string?
> Gilli

Dacron B50 Bow string  = waxed polyester.  Got spools of it around here.

The more modern fastflights, kevlars, etc would be even stronger but
probably overkill.

The  testing on the SCA missile Combat lists seems to have indicated that if
you do a good job of taping as in  then it
should hold.

Now it appears that the question may be  "Will a wooden shaft stand up to
the additional stresses from an APD?"

Also others seemed to have reported  better flight characteristics than
Gilli has.  Once again perhaps this is due to the wooden shafted Ansteorran
War Quarrels Gilli was using.  I believe that all these other positive
reports have been from Fiberglass shafted arrows and bolts with either UHMW
or Baldar heads.

The beat goes on...

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