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Mon Apr 30 11:07:29 PDT 2001

     Thanks for your input.  When we tested the design at Karrick's it worked quite well.  In 18 arrows (the same total we shot) Karrick and I averaged about 4 touches with 2 splits each.  It really is more of a mental block for most archers I think.  They try to Hit the bullseye area and end up shooting a 2x4" target instead of just worrying about windage.  If you only worry about windage then the target are is 2x30".

The Buck was covering the majority of the target butt.  it was about 706 square inches with the kill zone being roughly 60 square inches.  The plate was roughly 57 square inches and the wand was 60 square inches.

All of the targets we're worth different amounts but the size of what you were trying to hit was almost identical in each case.

The Camping areas are open to modification by anyone.  No MAJOR cutting trees but anything 5" or less can go away.  The Site is an AMTGuard owned site and they don't really need the same kind of space we do.  You really don't think the main list area would work for war practice?  It's about 200 - 250 yds in both directions.  The trees around the road will be clear futher back in some of the tight spots.  The camp sites will probably be left to campers to deal with.  Water will be being run further into camp but probably not in time for AOB.  There is electricity in the merchanting area and with the tree cover people could probably set up gas powered generators in the woods without being loud enough to disturb most.

The port-a-lets will be better taken care of at future events included moving the handicap portalet to list area.  (for Chairs and Elizabethans. <G> )  There is a long list of improvments intended for this site and the more we use it the faster money will be available for them.  The short list is a Bath House and More electricity available.  Also a Proper Archery range.  (They consulted with us on how best to set one up as they currently don't do target archery.)

In Service,

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Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 08:05:52 -0500

>Lord Wilim,
>That does have a nice ring to it doesn't it.  I have but three
>suggestions for that format should you wish to use it in the future. 
>1st, always keep the buck target in the huntsman tournament as it does
>lend nice feel to that match.  2nd, I would suggest thirty yards might be
>a more appropriate range for that format.  and third, raise the points
>value on the staff as it was the most difficult target to hit. 
>The site was very nice, however does need a bit more clearing out. 
>Little stumps, vines, and rocks were a bit of a problem but the more a
>site is used people will tend to clear those out themselves.
>Lights and sanitizers in the port-a-lets would have been nice,
>and a handicap port-a-let near the list field and range would have been
>convenient (I didn't see one).
>I did not see anywhere really suitable for large units, combat archers,
>or siege weapons without doing a lot of clearing of trees.
>Of course some areas with water and power for our good gentles who have
>medical problems would also be helpful.  I am concerned about this when
>having an event in mid-late summer
>(A lot of our good friends just can't take the heat!).
>But over all it is a very nice site that shows great promise.  Thank you
>for all your efforts in procuring the new location for our SCA events.
>As for the AoB we had four new live marshals authorized in the Steppes
>and should you wish to do live steel at that event we will be at your
>In service of the Steppes and Ansteorra,
>PS: To all have expressed concern about Guyjin San, he is OK and is now
>at home resting.  But he will have to undergo some lifestyle changes to
>remain in good health in the future.  We do pray this will not be too
>difficult a task for him!  Thank you for your concern and well wishes. 
>And thanks to the site Chirurgeons who did such a wonderful job when they
>were needed.
>On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 10:08:15 -0500 "Wilim Penbras"
><wilim.penbras at> writes:
>> Greetings,
>>      I only help run the range but I came up with the shoot format.  
>> Was it a good shoot?  We have our first Crossbow winner, but since 
>> the lead between shooters was less than the average point value for 
>> a single good shot I think it was close.  We had a 3 way tie for 
>> second and the Huntsman was only 6 or 8 points ahead. 8 points was 
>> about the average value, given for hitting an 8" wreath at around 
>> 20yds.
>>      What do we think of AoB at that site.  We will be removing 
>> about 6 or 7 trees from around the roadway to open up navigation and 
>> help with larger, or trailered vehicles.  Parking will be marked off 
>> better and I will make sure everyone knows the site rules allow a 
>> certain amount of clearing in campsites.
>>      I will have a place for the heavy fighters I have asked to 
>> attend for war practice to play while waiting for the melee area to 
>> openup to war units/combat archer/siege training.
>>      Let me know what you think and would people that have expressed 
>> an interest in teaching contact me with a course description and if 
>> possible a brief outline.  Also I will need to know which 
>> instructors wish to compete in the next Royal Hunstman so we may 
>> plan classes around the Tourney.
>>      If people have topics they would like to see or would like to 
>> see, including live steel and/or siege.  Please let me know.
>> In Service,
>>      Wilim
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