[Ansteorra-archery] Archery Shoot and New Comes Colligium at Middleford

Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at apex2000.net
Tue Aug 21 23:08:25 PDT 2001

If the schedule is done as in years past the heavy battles will be on Saturday and the light battles will be on Sunday.   The Light Tourneys are done on Saturday and the heavy Tourney would be on Sunday.
I do not have any timeframe when they will start the battles but they are usually starting by 9 or So.

But this is only from the pattern of past Gothic's Selwyn should be able to give more specific information.


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> That's the way it goes.  Say!!  Speaking of Gothic.  Do you know if there
> are going to be any battles on Sunday?  Or when the battles on Saturday will
> be?
> I have a bit of a dilema as to when to leave for the site.  My new hours at
> work are getting in the way.
> Gilli
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> Sorry Gilli but my employer says I will have to work this Saturday.  But
> he's making certain that I will be able to attend Gothic War instead.
> Agnarr
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